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Conscious movement classes

A new to the area and one of a kind boutique Wellbeing studio offering Conscious movement classes – these will be a mix of Pilates using sprung wall boards, Franklin Method functional movement education and meditation. 

The classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 6 people in them. I love to get to know all my clients and their pain points and niggles, so you’re in the best hands and will get a mix of the above modalities depending on how everybody is feeling that day!

Join a new community – every class is an hour and a half which includes half an hour after movement to have an optional cuppa and a chat – come and make new friends and keep each other accountable!

You’ll leave feeling stronger, longer and calmer!

  • See results quicker as the equipment challenges muscles you don't use often and improves your alignment

  • Improve your endurance as you slowly and gently build up your strength (no more worrying about not being able to keep up in a class or not being able to do an exercise!)

  • Increase your stretch as springs and bars get into those aches and pains and gently tease out any tension

  • Improve your balance as your glutes and hips are toned with assistance from the equipment

  • Have fun in a grown up playground!

It is recommended you have either previous experience with Pilates equipment, have worked with me before, or you book in for a consultation or some private sessions- if you aren't sure, please book in for a free call and I can point you in the right direction.

For Movement class & membership FAQs – have a look at the Q&A blog

Become a member

Limited memberships are available

If you'd love to sign up but the classes are full or the date/ time doesn't work for you- drop me a message with suitable times and I'll add you to a waiting list.

A membership is based on a minimum of 38 weeks of classes per year to be provided- any classes offered over this minimum are free to members. (42-46 weeks of classes is more likely)  

No refunds available for holidays, but you can make up for missed classes within the same month, subject to availability.  

A membership is a 6/12m commitment and therefore refunds or cancellations within that period are not available. 48hrs notice required to cancel to not forfeit session credit.

If you do not wish to renew at the end of the membership period, please give 1 months notice.

Members benefit from:

  • First access to class bookings

  • Discounted workshops and events

  • Discounted private 1-1 or 2-1 sessions

  • Free access to Empower On Demand (so you never have to miss out on movement, even if one of us is away!)

  • Better results as you are making a commitment to yourself

Join us


6-7.30pm (spaces available)


5-6.30pm for a gentler, chronic illness friendly class (FULL)


11am-12.30pm (spaces available)

Conscious Movement Classes- March 2023

A new boutique wellness studio with everything you need to leave feeling:

  • Stronger

  • More flexible

  • Suitably challenged

  • Calmer & more relaxed

  • More connected to your body and community

Each class has a maximum of 6 people in it, so you will be well looked after to ensure you are moving safely and optimally so you get the best results!

How about staying after class for a free cuppa for half an hour? All included in your class cost, so you can relax and connect with other like minded people in the beautiful courtyard or get cosy in a blanket when the weather is cold.

  • Drop in class

    A one off group class
    Valid for one week
    • Conscious Movement Class
  • Bespoke 2:1

    Every month
    A 6 month initial commitment to 4 group classes a month.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Conscious Movement Class
  • 4x Month (3m)

    Every month
    A 3 month initial commitment to 4 group classes a month.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Conscious Movement Class
  • Intro Offer- Group

    Introduction to Conscious Movement
    Valid for one month
    • A 30 minute consultation & 3 movement classes (RRP £155)
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