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Personalised movement therapy

As a trauma informed movement therapist and chronic illness coach, your private sessions are tailored to your needs on that particular day – it could be gentle movement with the equipment, some Franklin Method techniques, meditation and nervous system exercises to help you relax, or having a conversation where you can feel truly heard and let any emotions come up.


If you are looking for that missing piece to help improve your life and general resilience, you know you can't carry on the way you currently are without risking burnout or you are fed up of living with pain and ready to make some impactful life changes – you’ve come to the right place!


I learned the hard way through my own journey of chronic illness (Hypermobility/ EDS, ME/CFS & POTS) and picked up lots of tools along the way, I can help you build your own toolbox to get you back to living the life you want to! 


I provide the space for people who often feel left out in traditional fitness, who lack the confidence or strength to go to a regular gym, for those with chronic illnesses who have been fobbed off by traditional healthcare and don't know where to turn or those who have an injury who need one on one support before building up to coming to group classes.

I’ve trained in quite a few mind-body modalities, so mixing my education with my real life experiences means you get just the personalised sessions you need.

To work with me online, or specifically with your chronic illness, find out more below.

Why should you trust me?

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I have been in your shoes, I know how frustrating it is to be exhausted every day (then have people telling you to go to bed earlier!) or to feel let down by your body being in pain every day.

I’ve trained as a Clinical Pilates Practitioner with Polestar Pilates which is very mind- body focussed and was founded by a physiotherapist so I have a more rehabilitative approach rather than a fitness Pilates approach.

I’m a Franklin Method Educator so I teach workshops on embodiment- how to understand your body better, I can help you use your mind to ease your pain and feel more comfortable in your body.

I’ve trained as a Meditation teacher and I have a keen interest in nervous system regulation techniques so I help you find a more balanced place to inhabit your body.

I have done a Life coaching course so I have the skills to help you set and achieve your goals, and what might be getting in the way of them. Mindset is a huge tool to unlocking our inner power, I can help you tap into that power!

I’ve done a short course in trauma (and had a lifetime of lived experience) and understand how we develop coping strategies that often manifest as pain due to these experiences. I provide a safe environment where you can inhabit your body again, pain free. I’m currently training with Gabor Mate as a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner/ Trauma therapist.

I’ve worked with a large variety of clients from those with hip replacements, frozen shoulders, back pain, ME/CFS and a spectrum of hypermobility. Pain is often the common theme!

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Ideal for those with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, EDS, PTSD, trauma, hip replacements, back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulders, shoulder pain, or golfers, gardeners, swimmers, hikers, cyclists or those looking to get better at daily living!

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