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Using Pilates equipment, embodiment and somatic tools, you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and improve how you navigate the world – get on the trampoline with your grandchildren, go for long walks on the beach, or wake up without pain!

Movement therapy
to get you moving better!



What is movement therapy?

  • Gentle movement and somatic coaching with a focus on overall wellbeing

  • Reconnect to your body after an injury or surgery

  • Embodied education about your body, easy to feel and understand – tools for life!

  • Improve how you navigate through the world, from a place of ease!

  • A safe environment to allow stuck or trapped emotions to be released from your body

  • Nervous system regulation tools to feel more balanced and understand what your body and emotions are telling you

  • Coaching and mindset support so you feel truly heard and can achieve what you want in life!

  • Find calm within your body through meditation and movement

Not sure where to start- book in for a call today or have a look through my website.


Jenny was recommended to me through a friend because I suffer with C-PTSD and I was struggling with pain and fatigue, Jenny was understanding from the first 'get to know you call' it was such a relief, the first movement session was difficult with some trauma release, never at any point did I feel unsafe, with support and encouragement I continue to move.

I am still learning to listen to my body but I have definitely improved I can mostly tell if I am in the fight - flight mode that I have been living in for years, I can also recognise when I am relaxed, Jenny always takes time to 'check in' with your body, so you are in the present moment and not in your head. I have moments that amaze me to feel the difference of movement in the correct way, wow, I often swear a lot.

Jenny is a caring, supportive and offers a safe place to find the 'lost you' truly second to none.


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