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New Studio Q & A

What is the new wellbeing studio?

A new to Berrow, Burnham-on-Sea and Somerset and one of a kind boutique Pilates studio offering Conscious Movement Classes- these will be a mix of Pilates using sprung wall boards, Franklin Method functional movement education and meditation.

The classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 6 people in them. I love to get to know all my clients and their pain points and niggles, so you’re in the best hands and will get a mix of the above modalities depending on how everybody is feeling that day!

To join a class it is recommended that you have previous experience with Pilates equipment, or join up for a free taster or consultation on Open Weekend and you'll be inducted and ready to get started!

Join a new community- every class will be an hour and a half which includes half an hour after movement to have a cuppa and a chat- come and make new friends and keep each other accountable!

Why chose equipment Pilates over normal Pilates?

How many classes a week do you offer?

Can’t I just do Pilates myself at home?

Will the equipment be for group classes or will people be able to use them individually?

I haven't done any exercise for ages, is that ok?

How does Pilates change your body?

What's the difference between Pilates and yoga?

How often should you do Pilates each week?

What kind of classes will you have?

What's the Franklin Method?

Who's this for?

How much is it?

Where do I park?

What do I wear?

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