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Heal your relationship with money

Did you know that your relationship to money is linked to your nervous system? 

If you’ve always felt like you’re “bad with money” or that you never have enough, you need to hear about Kate Northrup!

I completed Kate's Relaxed Money course last year and it has been transformative for me. So transformative in fact that I recently flew from the UK to Miami to meet Kate and so many other inspiring women!

I learned so much, and trust me, I know how overwhelming money can feel. I used to bury my head in the sand when it came to budgeting. I would feel so overwhelmed and would beat myself up for not being able to stick to a budget. Looking back I now realise that whenever I tried to manage my money my nervous system went into a state of dysregulation.


I can’t stress enough the importance of healing your relationship with money. You need to increase your nervous system capacity to feel safe BEFORE you start looking at budgets, spreadsheets, cash flow etc. I truly believe that if you come from a regulated nervous system you can have a successful relationship with money.


So, I'd invite you to tune into yourself and I’d love to know, are you still:


  • Putting off logging into your bank accounts (juuust in case you’re back in the red)

  • Telling yourself you’re ‘bad at numbers’ so you can hand money off to someone else

  • Sacrificing the things that mean the most to you so you can make great money

  • Feeling guilty that you want more money than you currently have

  • Constantly in a state of unease about your money, but also constantly avoiding it


Then your relationship with money has got 👏 to 👏 change 👏


Because, newsflash: money doesn’t have to be so frickin’ stressful!

My friend & mentor, Kate Northrup, is hosting a 3-day workshop (called Wide Receiver) to help you start healing your relationship with money - step-by-step!

In Kate’s free 3 day workshop, she’ll be walking you through some pretty transformative exercises and frameworks in real time! Exercises like:


  • The Cycle of Relaxed Money Manifestation

  • The Relaxed Money Activation Process 

  • The 13-Pillar Relaxed Money Blueprint    


It’s going to be magical! ✨

The workshop starts on April 23rd at 5pm BST! I’m so excited to see you there! (Yup! I’ll be joining along too- I can't get enough!)


You’ve got nothing to lose, but a limitless amount to gain!

Jenny x

PS - trust me, you’ll love Kate, she’s like an American version of me!


Stress cycles


If stress cycles aren't completed, they add up and lead to long term health issues or bouts of extreme stress and burnout.  


How do we "complete" a stress loop? We acknowledge it, and give that energy a place to be released.


Using the mind and body connection (somatic coaching) we take our felt emotions and we express them or release them using our bodies.

Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-193_websize.jpg
JA_Somatic coach_Logo_DTeal_RGB_AW.png


I'm Jenny Adams,
a somatic therapist
& chronic illness coach

I spent over a decade working in procurement and contract management in large corporate companies, so I understand the demands and pressure of this environment. My feelings had no place at work, so I’d bottle them up, until it got too much and I would end up depressed, stuck in bed, and off sick for months on end.


Unfortunately for me, my stress compounded into burnout and I ended up with ME/CFS, leaving me in survival mode and very ill for much of my 20’s.


I host somatic movement classes and workshops where we learn to regulate our nervous system, release stress in a fun and often silly way, reconnect with our bodies and selves, and take some cherished time for ourselves in this often busy world where we don’t allow enough “me time”.


These classes or workshops consist of education, nervous system regulation, some play, learning to understand your body through embodiment, and meditation.


I'm based in Burnham-on-Sea and can travel around the South West for workshops, or host online (these are more effective with larger groups in person)

Class size can range from 3+

Online or in person.

Get in touch to discuss in further detail and for a bespoke quote.

This email contains affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you make through my link—at no extra cost to you! Please know that I only say yes to partnering with affiliates that I 100% believe in and would spend my own money on.

If you go on to purchase, there will be some additional bonuses I am gifting you- so make sure you use my links 🫶

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