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Hi, I'm Jenny

I’m a Somatic Coach and Chronic Illness Coach.


Hi, I'm Jenny, a Somatic Coach, I've recovered from ME/CFS caused by burnout and trauma. I can help you regulate your nervous system and recover from chronic illness, pain, stress & burnout so that you can live a confident and joyful life.  I can’t wait to help you along your journey!

It took me to the point of becoming disabled to realise my “to do” list wasn’t as important as my health.

I spent some of my prime years in my mid 20s relying on a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get out and about. Burnout, stress and trauma triggered ME/CFS in my body, and a minor car accident caused chronic pain. I’d spend all my free time resting, or so fed up with my limitations I’d fight against them which inevitably led to bad flare ups!


I was desperate to get better, to get my old life back, I felt like I tried everything- all the painkillers the doctors would prescribe, lymphatic drainage, yoga, supplements, pain management courses and so many other things. I realised I needed to stop looking for a fix externally, take some self responsibility and look inwards and see if my body was capable of healing itself. I had no idea what would work and what wouldn't, I was scrambling around in the dark looking for light. 


Through manageable movement, therapy and a change of diet I started to sense into the messages my body was giving me about my lifestyle; movement, relationships & food.

I learnt to work with my body and not against it.

Over time, the fighting & screaming relationship with my body turned into a calm and compassionate one.

Healing holistically and somatically – I was regulating my nervous system, processing old stuck emotions, bringing my mind and body together, giving my body the right fuel for healing, and building up my strength and capacity.

I now realise this was a winning formula, not just for me, but for others.

Appreciating my body as a whole and all its beautiful connections, not as a collection of random problems to be fixed.


My healing journey inspired me to train in a way I could help others with chronic illnesses, first I started with rehab Pilates where I trained for 2 years to use Pilates equipment such as the reformer and trapeze table, then training as an embodiment coach with Franklin Method – to help you learn and understand your body by feeling, not just knowing. I brought meditation and learning how to regulate the nervous system into my practise, along with life coaching to really support you, especially if you have a chronic illness.


I am currently training as a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, an approach led by Gabor Maté to release our old trapped emotions and compassionately look into old trauma and how it gets stored in the body.


To sum up – I have an extensive background, passion and interest in how the mind and body are connected. Treating both together was transformative for my own healing, and I see how it transforms my clients lives too.

Today I can go for a 6 mile walk on the beach and not feel tired, I can go on holiday without panicking about how to get through the airport...

I can go to a crowded concert and know I can manage myself even when there is chaos going on around me! To me, this is a life of freedom, choice and joy!


If you are fed up of living with your chronic illness and with trying all the fixes, are ready to self inquire and use your inner wisdom to heal holistically, get in touch today!

Relevant Trainings & Qualifications


2020 - 2022 – Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio Qualification

2022 – Franklin Method Level 1 Educator

2022  Meditation Teacher Diploma

2023 – Level 7 Life Coach Advanced Diploma

2023 – Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté) year long professional training (in progress)

Relevant Trainings:

2022 – Jeannie Di Bon- Chronic Illness, The Impact on Health & Movement (Hypermobility & EDS specialist)

2022 – 1 week retreat with Eckhart Tolle, The Depths of Being

2023 – Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté) short course

2023 – Compassionate Inquiry

2024 - Trauma, the Brain and Recovery

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