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Create the life you want.

The complete bespoke coaching package tailored to your needs.

Struggling to cope with the demands of a busy life? Do you know something needs to change before you end up burned out but you just don't know how?

1:1 coaching with me includes:

  • Nervous system toolkit

  • Empower on demand (movement library)

  • Voxer support – in between sessions. Have me
    in your pocket

  • Nervous system workshops x 4

  • 12 or 13 somatic movement 1-1 sessions depending on the payment plan.

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When you choose to work with me, you’ll…

Learn some lifelong tools to get more energy

Learn to regulate your nervous system so you can make decisions from a grounded and safe place, not a fearful and stressed one. 

Know what actions to take

Walk away knowing the actions to take to tackle whatever is overwhelming you, and how to do it from a regulated place.


Stop your stress building up

Learn to offset your stress before it builds up – stop burnout from knocking at the door!

Learn how to regulate your nervous system

Understand why regulating your nervous system is so important, and most importantly HOW. Know that when you are regulated, you can face the world and do anything!

Turn the fight into joy!

Change your reactions and feel empowered so you aren't constantly fighting the world. Move towards the things that bring you joy, and stop the endless firefighting.

Nervous system toolkit

A library of 20+ videos with short somatic exercises, to help you come back to a regulated state whenever and wherever you are. They take between seconds and minutes and can take you from panic or fear, to feeling resourced and knowing you can handle whatever life is throwing at you. (worth £500)

Nervous system workshops

A basic and fundamental understanding of how your nervous system works and what is going on in your body when you have a chronic illness. Lots of really useful information grounded in the polyvagal theory and somatic work. (worth £600)

Total value of package offering worth £6,100
Package options start from only £350

Empower on Demand

A library of movement and embodiment videos ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, to get your body moving, to relax or to challenge yourself. Some are Pilates based, some are embodiment and somatic focussed, plus a meditation and a few challenges. (worth £500)

Have me in your pocket

With Voxer – an app you can download and send me messages or voicenotes in between our sessions, so you get additional coaching and support when you need it most. Approx 1hr p/w (worth £1500)

12/13 coaching sessions

Bespoke and personal coaching sessions which are tailored to your needs on the day, they could be a mix of compassionate inquiry (Gabor Maté’s trauma work), life coaching, embodiment/ Franklin method work, meditation, somatic movement and nervous system regulation. You’ll have the space to be safely co-regulated with and supported like you may have missed out on earlier in life, a place to grow your self compassion and confidence, and in turn improve your energy levels and reduce pain. Working towards the life you want! (worth £3000)

Is now time for a change?

Focus on what you value, release guilt and seemingly bend time to work for you. Book in a discovery call to see how I can support you with 1:1 coaching and if you're the right fit for the programme.

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