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Understanding the healing power of your Nervous System

  • Learn about when your body is in a survival state and using up precious energy, and how to shift it into a healing state

  • Understand why you keep getting stuck in a boom & bust cycle

  • Get to know your body in a safe & pain free way to reduce pain and increase energy

  • Gain some simple to use tools that you can take with you anywhere



Using Nervous System Regulation.

What happens when employees don’t have a place to release or acknowledge their stress levels? They can only soldier on for so long, before ending up off on long term sick leave or they burn out.

Reduce stress and have happier workers

There is a solution where your 
employees feel seen, heard, understood and can release their stress before it turns into burnout.


Your employees will be making
decisions from calm and regulated places as opposed to stressed out and from a place of scarcity and survival – they will learn to tune into their gut and make smart decisions from there (it’s our most primitive and natural instinct!)

Slow down your highly strung staff, so they have space to tune in and focus. What is the true cost of happy, regulated staff?


Stress cycles


If stress cycles aren't completed, they add up and lead to long term health issues or bouts of extreme stress and burnout.  


How do we "complete" a stress loop? We acknowledge it, and give that energy a place to be released.


Using the mind and body connection (somatic coaching) we take our felt emotions and we express them or release them using our bodies.

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I'm Jenny Adams,
a somatic coach
& chronic illness coach

I spent over a decade working in procurement and contract management in large corporate companies, so I understand the demands and pressure of this environment. My feelings had no place at work, so I’d bottle them up, until it got too much and I would end up depressed, stuck in bed, and off sick for months on end.


Unfortunately for me, my stress compounded into burnout and I ended up with ME/CFS, leaving me in survival mode and very ill for much of my 20’s.


I host somatic movement classes and workshops where we learn to regulate our nervous system, release stress in a fun and often silly way, reconnect with our bodies and selves, and take some cherished time for ourselves in this often busy world where we don’t allow enough “me time”.


These classes or workshops consist of education, nervous system regulation, some play, learning to understand your body through embodiment, and meditation.


I'm based in Burnham-on-Sea and can travel around the South West for workshops, or host online (these are more effective with larger groups in person)

Class size can range from 3+

Online or in person.

Get in touch to discuss in further detail and for a bespoke quote.

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Special events

Workshops and classes

Weekly, monthly or quarterly workshops and classes can be arranged – get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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