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Empower on demand

Keep up your movement practice at home, at any time of the day and week that suits you!

I’ve created an on demand platform called “Empower” that will help you:

  • Keep up your existing movement practice

  • Stay connected to your body

  • Increase your energy

  • Reduce stress and calm your nervous system

  • Improve your flexibility 

  • Feel motivated to move

  • Have a stronger immune system 

  • Tone your body without pushing

  • Feel empowered about your incredible strong body!


Each video is priced at £40, or you can buy a month of unlimited use for just £30!

For those of you who have used the equipment before or come to my mat classes, you’ll know how beneficial the props are, so a lot of the videos have props within them. 

1 month Empower only - £30


There is an option to auto- renew the 1 month plan so you won’t miss a day! You can cancel at anytime (allow a few days before auto renewal so you aren’t charged).

By signing up, you are responsible for your own movement and safety. If you have any ongoing conditions or pain, this course is not suitable for you- have a look at the equipment 1-1 offerings.

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