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Where do I buy home equipment? Balls, bands, rollers etc

Please don't feel the need to purchase all of this, a good place to start is a soft ball, a couple of bands and a pair of Franklin or spiky balls – a foam roller is an additional bonus. I've listed quite a few things here for personal preference. A small collection of kit at home can really elevate your home practise!


Pilates soft ball


Franklin Method Green balls

Franklin Method Orange balls

Stretchy Therabands get a few different weights (a medium and strong is a good place to start

Magic circle

All of the above comes from Sissel

Spiky balls

90cm Foam Roller

What to expect?

The first session will be a review of your questionnaire, a chance to discuss what you'd like to achieve from working together, there will be a short movement screening, then if we have time, some gentle movement.

Going forward our sessions will always start with a check in, then expect a mix of coaching and looking at mindset, some nervous system regulation techniques, gentle movement either on the mat or the Pilates equipment, some Franklin method education techniques to help you understand your body better, plus some meditation. I work quite intuitively so each session gives you what you need on that day.

This is a pain free and safe environment where you are welcomed to tune into your body and emotions to begin the journey to better health.


Enjoy being supported as you learn to use your mind and body more efficiently, become stronger mentally and physically and reduce any aches and pains.


I've emailed you but not heard back?

I reply to every enquiry I receive from the website and via email, normally within a few days. If you haven't heard back from me within 3 days, please check your junk mail as my emails often go in the junk box unfortunately! 

What are those barefoot shoes you're always talking about?

I'm a huge fan of Vivobarefoot shoes, they've helped me get rid of my plantar fasciitis and strengthen my hypermobile ankles, they're great for your proprioception and knowing where you are in space so you're less likely to trip over or mis-step on uneven ground, and they have a wide toe box so they won't give you bunions – they can help repair them!

Use code "CONSCIOUS10" for 10% off any full price pair.

They also have a 100 day return period to make sure you're happy with them, and a seconds site – Revivo – where you can get them re-soled or buy second hand or returned shoes so nothing goes to waste!

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