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Somatic Day Retreat- 18th May 2024- Somerset

women's day retreat for those with chronic illnesses, trauma, burnout or wanting to feel more confident in themselves. A day of choice where your needs can be met.

At this trauma informed retreat, we'll be nourishing the best version of ourselves through:

  • Somatic movement

  • Self reflection via guided journaling

  • Meditation

  • Shared practices & community

  • Play

  • Boundaries and nervous system workshop

This is a relaxing day just for you.


Tell me more...

I've designed a day retreat for you to come exactly as you are- chronically ill, anxious, living with trauma- this day is for you. No pretending required!

Combining somatic movement and other techniques with understanding what's happening in your body when you have experienced trauma or have a chronic illness. 


Come as you are! Triggers, quiet time, energy levels, and dietary requirements have all been considered and you’re welcome however that looks for you.


This nourishing retreat is for you if you know you need a day to yourself.

Maybe you’re always putting others first but would like to learn how to show some of that love and compassion you have for others to yourself.

It’s for you if you feel like you are too much or too difficult some days, and internalise the struggle that comes with.

If you lack  inner confidence sometimes, or feel like a burden because of your chronic illness, or are fed up of running from triggers…


Join us in this trauma-informed space to learn some lifelong tools and spend the day just being YOU again.


You’ll leave feeling more empowered, with a better ability to say no to the things that don't serve you.

You’ll feel less alone, knowing you’ve shared an experience with other women just like you.

You’ll learn the powerful tool of co-regulation and healing capability of community.

You’ll have some tools to regulate your nervous system and improve any pain or fatigue you’re experiencing.

You'll leave feeling more relaxed after taking a day to yourself

During our day together you’ll have the chance to try:

Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-340.jpg
Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-258.jpg

Connect with yourself and others, and learn the power of healing in community.

We will embody co-regulation and you'll be given the opportunity to be seen and heard.

You'll use your caring skills to help others, as well as receive their love and care too.


We will explore somatic movement, which will be gentle and with an intention of curiosity rather than fitness or punishment!

Tuning in to listening to your body and what it is asking for.

This is a huge step towards healing.


You won't need to worry about cooking today- enjoy being spoiled with Prayag's colourful, nourishing and delicious plant based food.

Herbal teas and snacks will also be available throughout the day.

A treat for your body!

Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-152.jpg
Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-384.jpg
Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-307.jpg

Learn how to set better boundaries, to say 'no' more often and 'yes' to yourself!

We will be practicing some boundaried exercises with each other, looking at consent and choice.

You'll also get the opportunity to learn about your nervous system and how you can get into a healing state.


Try out some powerful somatic healing tools, that help to regulate your nervous system and find a healing state in your body.

A guided meditation will help take your body into a relaxed and calm place.

You'll be held in a supportive community for the day too, which in itself is healing.

It wouldn't be a retreat day for you without plenty of rest!

There will be 15mins rest per hour, plus a dedicated quiet space if you need a breather. 

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and animals, you can also go for a mindful wander.

All of these are chronic illness friendly but also completely optional! 


There will be a calm private space if you need a rest or some alone time.

I’ve limited the retreat to just 10 spaces,so the day will be relaxed and intimate.

Where is it?

The Phoenix Tree,
Near Highbridge, Somerset, UK



One time payment

Pay upfront and save £20



Pay monthly over 3 months

Buy now for £60, pay monthly with our flexible payment options

Your retreat day host

I’m Jenny, a Somatic Therapist and Chronic Illness Coach.

I felt called to create a retreat day that I wish I had the opportunity to go on when I was ill. 

I wish I had a space to go to where I was seen and heard in a community- where I didn't have to pretend and I could be open with how I felt.

I have overcome ME/CFS which was triggered from trauma, so I know the struggles that both a chronic illness, burnout and trauma brings to your life- and if you resonate with any of these, this retreat has been made for you!

Who am I to be hosting this?

⭐️Clinical Expertise: I have 3 years experience in body based modalities (Polestar Pilates clinical practitioner, Franklin Method embodiment educator, meditation teacher, life coach and Compassionate Inquiry trauma training)

I'm definitely passionate about the mind body connection and have extensively studied the polyvagal theory and will help you understand your nervous system.


Anchoring into connection/safety, was huge for me!
Huge huge Thank you! 🙏🌻. You are amazing and explain/present brilliantly. A great start in helping me to piece together my own much needed tool kit 😘



I remember when I was ill and trying to plan anything, I’d spend so long anxiously worrying about the logistics of the day, will my needs be met, how loud will it be etc etc, that when the day comes, I was too worked up to relax into it and enjoy it. The intention of this day retreat is to hold a space for you to be seen and heard exactly as you are, no masking, no pretending- just you showing up as your authentic self, whatever that looks like on the day.

So I’ve answered the below questions which I’ve anticipated you might have, but if I’ve missed anything, please get in touch and ask me- there's no such thing as a silly question.

  • What can I expect from Heal Good?
    I’ve created this 6-month group program to ease your chronic illness symptoms. I’ll show you the tools and techniques I’ve learned to heal myself and support you to build things up slowly so you can get out of survival mode and self-guilt and move into a happier, healthier and more positive place. You can expect to feel better, more alive and more energised!
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    If you have a chronic illness (like ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, long covid, Lyme etc) and you’d like to gain the tools to heal yourself, then Heal Good is for you. If you’d like to stop giving your power away to others, and instead start taking it back and using it for good, then Heal Good is for you.
  • How long is the program?
    It’s a 6 month journey together with fortnightly community calls to support your progress.
  • Who is this NOT for?
    This isn’t for you if you’re not prepared to take ownership of your healing. It’s an autonomous journey with some support but it’s your responsibility to do the work. I give you the resources and community, you bring your newly found self-compassion and inner wisdom.
  • Do I get 1-1 time with Jenny?
    No. This is a group experience. However, I will be available inside the community during the fortnightly calls to answer questions and support you on the journey to healing yourself. I’ve seen the healing power of community- it is powerful! You could always book in additional paid sessions if you wanted extra Jenny time.
  • Can you guarantee my results?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if I could wave a magic wand and say yes?! But sadly that’s not the case or else there’d be no more chronic illness. What I will say is that although your results from the program are not within my control, they are very much within yours. What I am confident of is that your life will be forever changed as a result of joining Heal Good. The tools and methods I teach are genuinely life-changing - if they’re put to use!
  • When are the group calls?
    Every fortnight .
  • I can’t see an answer to my question here…
    That’s okay! Pop me an email with your question and I’ll do my best to answer it.



One time payment

Pay upfront and save £20



Pay monthly over 3 months

Buy now for £60, pay monthly with our flexible payment options

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