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Energise | 4 Weeks to more energy


Tell me more...

I’ve recently returned from a solo trip to Miami. If you’d told me 10 years ago I’d have been able to do that I would’ve laughed in your face. Living with limited mobility, trauma and low confidence meant I never felt capable of doing something so huge. But I bloody did it in February! 


My recovery took a whole tonne of self-compassion and involved a combo of gentle movement, therapy and other tools. It wasn’t a quick fix, it was a journey. But most journeys begin with putting one foot in front of the other…


So I’ve created this course for you as the first step to healing your body…

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“Energise” is a foundational self-paced course designed to teach you to listen to your body so you can feel more energy and less pain.
Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re ready to tune into your body and its needs

  • You want to grow your confidence when it comes to movement and connecting with your body

  • You want to learn tools that work with your changeable symptoms 

  • You want to feel safe in your body and build up trust

This results-focused, self-paced course will support you to reconnect with your body and develop a foundation to build upon as your confidence grows.


  “I have ME and POTS and this class was both floor-based and very gentle. I felt safe participating and Jenny made it clear that I could do each movement in my own time or stop entirely and rest if that was what I needed. The movements were helpful in reducing muscle tension in a way that hasn't triggered payback.” Beth


“You have done wonders with my body and improved my energy levels.” Claire

I'd love for you to join me


Worth over £1,600

If you are unable to make payment for the course in full please reach out to and we can look at setting up a payment plan for you.

I’m Jenny, a Somatic Therapist and Chronic Illness Coach.

Hi, I'm Jenny, Somatic Therapist and Chronic Illness Coach. I live with HSD (Hypermobile spectrum disorder) and I’ve successfully recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain. 

Through manageable movement, therapy and a change of diet I started to sense into the messages my body was giving me about my lifestyle; movement, relationships & food. I learned to work with my body and not against it. Over time, the fighting & screaming relationship with my body turned into a calm and compassionate one.

And for the last 3 years I’ve helped lots of people like you learn to unite your mind & body, move & rebalance with my unique holistic approach so you can recover from chronic illness and feel good.

I created ENERGISE because it’s exactly what I needed and couldn’t find at the time. When you’re in the depths of chronic illness, you need to start building trust again with your body and reestablishing that connection. That’s what ENERGISE does.

If you want to feel energised and start to trust your body again, this is for you.

Included in this self-paced course, you’ll get:

  • 4 meditation videos to help you reconnect your mind & body

  • 4 movement videos - so you can explore different gentle movement practices at your own pace 

  • Chronic illness-friendly trainings from someone who’s lived with CFS/ME

  • Self-paced so you can manage your course time around any daily symptom challenges 

  • 30 minute monthly Q&A with me

  • Bonus - Abundant Energy Meditation, an Energy Diary and other tailor-made workbooks


What we’ll cover in ENERGISE:

  1. “Building Awareness” - learn how to reconnect with your body and mind

  2. “Embracing Acceptance” - let’s start appreciating your body

  3. “Self compassion” - the key to sustainable change!

  4. “Turning judgement into curiosity” - become less critical of your body and tune in, instead.


Remember: This is NOT an exercise or fitness course. It’s about reconnecting with yourself compassionately and nurturing your mind & body.

When you’ve finished ENERGISE, you’re going to have a solid foundation of movement confidence and an understanding of what’s really going on for your body. You’re going to feel safer and more energised, and well on your way to feeling better. 

“I loved it and so easy to follow for those of us with fatigue and brain fog. Thank you!” Sarah, Devon

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How does the course work?


Before you make payment, you’ll create an account with me. As soon as payment is made you'll have access to the self-guided course and the lessons inside. You can start at any time. You can access the course via the internet or the Fit by Wix app.

The videos are available to watch whenever you’re ready to get curious and move a little. They can be done in stages or all at once, they’re about 15-25 minutes long so you aren't overwhelmed with too much to do!

They’re designed to work with your body, not against it, so please listen to your body!

You have lifetime access to the course, so you don't have to complete it in 4 consecutive weeks. 

You’ll also get a 30min Q&A with me once a month, and I will send some gentle reminders to keep engaging with the course if you need some accountability.

I'd love for you to join me


Worth over £1,600

If you are unable to make payment for the course in full please reach out to and we can look at setting up a payment plan for you.

  • What can I expect from Heal Good?
    I’ve created this 6-month group program to ease your chronic illness symptoms. I’ll show you the tools and techniques I’ve learned to heal myself and support you to build things up slowly so you can get out of survival mode and self-guilt and move into a happier, healthier and more positive place. You can expect to feel better, more alive and more energised!
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    If you have a chronic illness (like ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, long covid, Lyme etc) and you’d like to gain the tools to heal yourself, then Heal Good is for you. If you’d like to stop giving your power away to others, and instead start taking it back and using it for good, then Heal Good is for you.
  • How long is the program?
    It’s a 6 month journey together with fortnightly community calls to support your progress.
  • Who is this NOT for?
    This isn’t for you if you’re not prepared to take ownership of your healing. It’s an autonomous journey with some support but it’s your responsibility to do the work. I give you the resources and community, you bring your newly found self-compassion and inner wisdom.
  • Do I get 1-1 time with Jenny?
    No. This is a group experience. However, I will be available inside the community during the fortnightly calls to answer questions and support you on the journey to healing yourself. I’ve seen the healing power of community- it is powerful! You could always book in additional paid sessions if you wanted extra Jenny time.
  • Can you guarantee my results?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if I could wave a magic wand and say yes?! But sadly that’s not the case or else there’d be no more chronic illness. What I will say is that although your results from the program are not within my control, they are very much within yours. What I am confident of is that your life will be forever changed as a result of joining Heal Good. The tools and methods I teach are genuinely life-changing - if they’re put to use!
  • When are the group calls?
    Every fortnight .
  • I can’t see an answer to my question here…
    That’s okay! Pop me an email with your question and I’ll do my best to answer it.
“Jenny helped me understand the nervous system, not just mentally but to experience the different states in real time, bringing awareness on how this can affect my thoughts and actions! Truly life-changing, thank you!!” Nathan, Somerset
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