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Recovery is possible and I can help you get there!

Heal Good is a movement & healing membership designed to help you rediscover your happiness while living with chronic illness.


Using powerful trainings and tools that have served me and my clients well, I’m going to teach you how to get out of survival mode and build things up at a pace that suits you, so that you can live a happier and more joyFULL life. 

We open our Heal Good Membership every 3 months. Just click on the link below to join our waitlist


Are you experiencing something like this?

 Exhaustion & fatigue

Fed up with waking up exhausted every day and switching straight into survival mode? 

Rubbish boundaries

Are you always saying yes to things you don't actually want to do?

“I’ve tried everything”

Feel like you’ve read every book going, watched ALLLLL the videos and bought the T-Shirt but haven’t taken action or felt safe to embody the information?



What if I could show you

a different path to follow?

It took me to the point of becoming disabled to realise my “to do” list wasn’t as important as my health.

I spent my mid 20s relying on a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get out and about. Burnout, stress and trauma triggered ME/CFS in my body, and a minor car accident caused chronic pain. I’d spend all my free time resting, or so fed up with my limitations I’d fight against them - which inevitably led to bad flare-ups!

I was desperate to get better, to get my old life back. I felt like I tried everything. All the painkillers the doctors would prescribe, lymphatic drainage, yoga, supplements, pain management courses and so many other things… 

I realised I needed to stop looking for an external fix, take some self-responsibility, look inwards and see if my body was capable of healing itself. I had no idea what would work and what wouldn't, I was scrambling around in the dark looking for light. 

I learned how to get out of survival mode! On a long and winding road, I discovered how to fuel my body properly, how to move my body in a way that felt good and I figured out how to tap into my own inner wisdom.

How would it feel to: 

✅ Find joy in your everyday life again?

✅ Enjoy being out and about with friends not worrying about the repercussions?

✅ Knowing that you’ve got the tools to do this work?

✅ Have a community of support to celebrate the wins - big and small?


I’d love to invite you to join: 
Heal Good!

Heal Good - Movement & Healing Program

Heal Good is my  Movement & Healing membership designed to help you rediscover your happiness while living with chronic illness. 


Using powerful trainings and tools that have served me and my clients well, I’m going to teach you how to get out of survival mode and build things up at a pace that suits you, so that you can live a happier and more joyFULL life. 


The magic trio of nervous system regulation, movement, and the mind on this journey will support you to create real, sustainable change.

The invitation to my Heal Good Program is open to you if... 

⭐️ You want an empathetic approach to your healing

⭐️ You’re ready to take ownership of your health, and follow through on the tools you’ll be given 

⭐️ You’re ready to move past survival mode, into a full, thriving life

⭐️ You want to learn how you can safely integrate movement, boundaries, nutrition, and nervous system regulation into your healing journey…


Here's what’s covered in the program!

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Grounded Beginnings

Ready to start listening to your body and start to understand it better? Move from fighting the body, to noticing what it’s telling you with signals you’ve missed before. We’ll be practising grounding and nervous system regulation.

Growing Self Compassion

It’s time to accept the limits of where you are and stop fighting your body. We’ll start to notice how we are reacting to situations or responding to them. Find out how to calm down the stress response and move towards a healing place.

Finding Inner Balance

Figuring out how to regulate our bodies is key! Get to know the Nervous System (polyvagal theory) and Auto-immune Responses so you can learn about the body's stress responses and their impact on chronic illness. Discover how to respond to triggers with compassion & curiosity.









Rediscovering You

Focusing on movement while you practise regulating your nervous system. We’ll combine brain retraining with embodiment practices and take a look at our boundaries and how to strengthen them.

Expanding horizons
Celebrate YOU!

Let’s build our resilience. Go on longer walks, go to the gym again, go out for a cycle (whatever feels good to you!). Start to move in ways outside of what we’re learning in the program, and get back out into the world.

This module is all about embedding and practising! We recap the tools you’ve learned - how would you react in a situation now? We’ll go over your flare up plan with fresh eyes and new perspectives. And most importantly- we celebrate you!

Listen to what my students are saying

I just want to let you know exactly how much you have given me in the short time we have known each other. You have given me the strength to be courageous, self compassionate, hopeful for the future and self-worthy. You have also gifted to me the knowledge I needed of how my body can move to self-heal. I never could have come this far without you.

- Julie

I've worked with Jenny for the past few months, taking part in her workshops and 1:1 Compassionate Inquiry sessions. She's been such a huge factor in my Anxiety journey. I've been SO much calmer and regulated day to day. I was able to also spend days out the house, travelling on trains and in London, without panic attacks and body sensations as a result of Jenny's support. I avoided London and larger events for almost 6 months, from having such bad fluctuations with my anxiety. To anyone thinking about investing in their recovery, without a doubt Jenny is your woman! She's a testament to the possibility of recovery, and has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel in my journey.

- Beth



Learn how to heal your body and regulate your nervous system


Tailored, chronic illness friendly movement & meditation


A nervous system healing toolkit! Somatics in your pocket


Community support via slack


Tailored worksheets designed to support your shadow work

All of this nourishing loveliness for just £39.99 per month



Cancel anytime

Who am I to design 
this program?

I’m Jenny, a Somatic Therapist and Chronic Illness Coach.

I've walked in your shoes and emerged with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through this journey.

⭐️Clinical Expertise: With 2 years of intensive training as a Clinical Pilates Practitioner under Polestar Pilates, founded by a physiotherapist, my approach to movement is holistic. It goes beyond mere fitness, focusing on the mind-body connection.

⭐️Embodiment Mastery: As a certified Franklin Method Educator, I empower you to understand your body deeply. I don't just provide knowledge; I equip you with tools that transcend theory – you'll not only know how to reduce pain, but you'll feel the transformation.

⭐️Mindfulness and Nervous System Regulation: Trained as a meditation teacher and well-versed in the polyvagal theory for 2-3 years, I guide you towards a more regulated and secure space within your body. Your journey to relief begins with understanding and regulating your nervous system.

⭐️Trauma-Informed Coaching: A year of intense trauma coaching in Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté, I bring a psychotherapeutic approach to trauma and coping strategies. Having navigated my own traumas, I strive to create a safe environment for you to explore and heal.

My journey has been marked by helping people like you. Together, we unravel it to reveal a path towards a fuller, more joyful life.

Life before this program
Jenny Adams - Movement and Healing Coach 1.jpg

Waking up feeling tired and drained. Struggling to maintain energy levels throughout the day, with a sense of weariness.

Jenny Adams - Movement and Healing Coach 2.jpg

Putting on a fake smile to hide your true feelings and health struggles and there’s a mean voice playing in your head.

Jenny Adams - Movement and Healing Coach 3.jpg

Juggling work and family responsibilities during the weekdays but barely coping with extreme fatigue and pain over the weekends.

Jenny Adams - Movement and Healing Coach 4.jpg

Limited engagement in social or leisure activities due to physical constraints. 

Life after this program

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

Enjoying sustained energy levels to tackle daily activities with positivity.


You’re overcoming inflammation and pain, leading to you enjoying long walks, socialising, and doing a range of fun new activities that bring you joy. 

Jenny Adams - Brand Photography-44.jpg

Developing a deep understanding and acceptance of your body's needs because you’re nurturing a kinder and more supportive relationship with yourself.

Jenny Adams - Movement and Healing Coach 5.jpg

Thriving in all aspects of life, empowered to pursue your own happiness.


" I went to Jenny in September 2021 when I was recovering from a badly torn lower back and feeling very protective of a recent hip replacement. Jenny encouraged me to move my whole body sharing a wide depth of knowledge and great empathy in the process. Now just over eighteen months later I am much more confident and able to take on physical challenges. Last weekend I was bouncing on the trampoline with my 5 year old grandson which I think says it all."




Cancel anytime

Heal Good Mockup.png

You CAN live a life that brings you joy! 

I invite you to trust your inner knowing. If it’s telling you now is the time to make some positive change, listen to that message.

Imagine feeling at home in your body, finally accepting its limitations, listening and being grateful for all it does for you. You’ve developed a new self-compassion that means you no longer push through and you know deep down that you deserve more than numbing out. You have a whole new positive energy about you which helps you try new things and you’ve got a gang of cheerleaders behind you to celebrate the big and little wins along the way. You’ve done Heal Good and boy oh boy does it feel good!

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