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What is somatic coaching?

What is somatic coaching?

The word 'Somatic' relates to our physical body and our perception or relationship to it. You could think of it as the mind-body connection or how our thoughts respond to our body, and our body to our thoughts. The route between these is often through our autonomous nervous system, which is responsible for our "automatic" processes such as breathing and heart rate. Somatic coaching works so well because we are tapping into our bodies natural state, how we have evolved to survive before smartphones, careers and the pressures of modern life came along and disturbed our natural processes.

What does somatic coaching look like?

How is this different to talking therapy?

Can this help ME/CFS or other chronic illnesses like Fibromyalgia or Long Covid?

How does it work?

Is it natural?

What are the results

How do I get started?

Look out for my new course- Heal Good, starting in January 2024, sign up to the waiting list today!

Or if you are local to Somerset, book in for a call to see if my approach is suitable for you.


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