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Reframe & Regulate

Reframe your mindset & Regulate your nervous system in this one off somatic coaching session

Struggling to cope with the demands of a busy life? Do you know something needs to change before you end up burned out but you just don't know how?

Reframe and Regulate is the perfect SOS option to help you:

  • Take a step back from the overwhelm

  • Feel calmer, safer and able to face and embrace the world

  • Reframe unhelpful beliefs keeping you stuck

  • Become aware and do something about that triggering pattern you cant seem to get away from

  • Gain clarity and take steps towards what really matters to you

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When you Reframe & Regulate, you’ll…

Learn some lifelong tools

Learn to regulate your nervous system so you can make decisions from a grounded and safe place, not a fearful and stressed one. 

Know what actions to take

Walk away knowing what actions you need to take to tackle whatever is overwhelming you, and how to do it from a regulated place.


Stop your stress building up

Learn to offset your stress before it builds up- stop burnout from knocking at the door!

Learn how to regulate your nervous system

Understand why regulating your nervous system is so important, and most importantly HOW.

Know that when you are regulated, you can face the world and do anything!

Turn the fight into joy!

Change your reactions and feel empowered so you aren't constantly fighting the world. 

Move towards the things that bring you joy, and stop the endless firefighting.

Clarifying Questionnaire

A clarifying questionnaire so we can get straight to the issue (worth £75)

A way to integrate

A journalling exercise to get the most out of your session (worth £100)

Plus Follow up notes (worth £75)

Total value £800, yours for just £250 (that's nearly 70% off!)
Plus add the toolbox and that's a £1200 value for £350- save even more!

2 hours of Somatic Coaching

A 90 minute somatic coaching call to face what is really bothering you, take action and learn to regulate yourself (worth £400)

Followed by a 30 minute check up a month later (Worth £150)

A bonus Nervous System Healing Toolkit

As a bonus- get 2 months access to my nervous system healing toolkit at a discount, change your habits with with simple tools that take a matter of minutes or seconds to implement!

Don't worry, these aren't 2 hour workshops you'll never get round to watching, they are videos under 5 minutes with some really simple but powerful tools you can use anywhere.

This is worth £500, yours for £100 if you add it onto your R&R package

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